2017 Membership Drive

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A message from Joyce McRorie, President of FastFriends

When a human athlete is injured, everything possible in terms of medical care and rehabilitation is done with the goal of returning a strong, healthy player to the field. However, for the athletes of the canine worldthe racing greyhoundan injury or illness means the end of a racing career.

From the perspective of a greyhound breeder or race track manager, a racing greyhound that can no longer compete is simply an injured dog with a big appetite. In the past, the outcome for these dogs was a sad one. But now, thanks to strong relationships forged by FastFriends and other rescue groups with breeders and the tracks, the outcome for these hounds is much brighter.

FastFriends’ mission is to do everything possible for every greyhound that comes under our care. In 2015, 20% of the greyhounds we brought in had broken legs. At least 10% of the remainder had other significant health issues. That’s nearly 40 hounds in one year that required significant medical care before they could be adopted. FastFriends makes sure that each hound receives the treatment necessary to restore it to the best possible health so it can eventually be matched with a loving home.

Depending on the severity of an injury, the surgery and aftercare for a dog with a broken leg can cost $4,500 - $5,500; it can take six months to a year of dedicated foster care for an injury to heal. Dogs with significant illnesses or chronic conditions can require months of diagnosis, treatment and foster care before the right regimen of medication, food and care can be determined. FastFriends believes every one of these beautiful animals deserves the same chance as their healthier colleagues to be cherished and loved by a family.

Our adoption fee is $270 per dog, whether they come to us healthy, injured or ill. That amount covers the neutering, blood work, vaccinations and dental cleaning that each greyhound receives. When you know how much it can cost

to take care of a special need dog, you can see that our adoption fees alone cannot fund the work that we do. This is why FastFriends’ annual membership drive is such a critical source of revenue for us.

It is our volunteers who make our work possible! They do whatever it takes to prepare the greyhounds for their lives as beloved pets. Fostering, transporting, fundraising and increasing public awareness about greyhounds as pets our volunteers do it all with love and enthusiasm! But many, many of the things we must do for the hounds require money; unlike love and enthusiasm, that is too often in short supply.

Please give generously so we can continue to meet the needs of every greyhound that relies on us to guide him to a loving “forever” home. 

2017 Membership Donation Levels

$25 - Greyt Friend

2015 FastFriends Membership window sticker

$50 - Pack Member

2 FF Membership window stickers PLUS a large FF window decal

$100 - Hound Hero

2 FF Membership window stickers PLUS 1 free admission ticket to the FastFriends Picnic

$250 - Greyt Heart

2 FF Membership window stickers PLUS a free dog wash at a FF dog wash AND an exclusive FF logo T-shirt

$500 - Winner's Circle

2 FF Membership window stickers PLUS a free dog wash at a FF dog wash AND an exclusive FF logo sweatshirt

$1,000 - Top Dog

2 FF Membership window stickers PLUS a free dog wash at a FF dog wash AND an exclusive FF logo sweatshirt. Also two tickets to the 2015 Caliente Racetrack Tour in the fall (chartered bus included; passport or passport card required for border crossing.)

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Special Limited personal/corporate naming opportunities

$1500 - Resting crate in barn (5 available)

$2,500 - Hound Hauler "Heading Home Cubbyhole" 7 available

$5,000 - Greyt Spirit One of each acknowledgement