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Tijuana Greyhounds find new lives north of the border

Original Article on Univision
A special thanks to Erin Siegal and Eros Hoagland for the amazing work they did to make this video!

FastFriends Greyhound Adoption

FastFriends, previously Greyhound Pets of America, OC & GLA, is dedicated to placing retired racing greyhounds in loving homes in Southern California.

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CC, a FastFriends foster dog rehabilitating from a broken leg.

Lost Dog Procedures

We Need Foster Homes!!!

If you’re even slightly willing to be talked into fostering and need to hear more information, and ask questions, please contact us. We’ve got a bunch of great foster homes, but they’re full. Our picnic and major adoption event is coming up; this is a great opportunity for us to adopt out our foster dogs. We have dogs ready to go into foster homes (coming out of Mt SAC) as soon as we can find those homes for them.  And we’re getting urgent emails from our contacts at the track, that many dogs are waiting for us in the pet kennel.  We can’t bring them into retirement without more foster homes.  We bring in as many greyhounds as we have foster homes for.  We know there are many dogs waiting, but we don’t have many homes available .  If you can foster, please contact Terry Marinello.  First time foster homes are always welcome!  Let's make this a happy retirement day for as many hounds as we can.

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