Baker Update

 Mariah and Baker are quite happy together.

Mariah and Baker are quite happy together.

Sharon, Baker's wonderful mom, sent us this awesome update:

I think he is 6 mos.  Came home today with stuffies all over the house.  I know it is him because the other two do not play with stuffies.

He is learning his manners very well.  When we are in the kitchen cooking or fixing the dog meals dogs are not allowed in the kitchen and he is minding the word "out" very quickly.

Such a joy and happy dog.  The food transition went well and his poops look really good.  Yes we discuss poop at our house every day when picking up the back yard.  He has learned to let us know when he wants to go potty.  At 5:30 a.m. he is singing to us while the other two are sleeping LOL

He certainly has warmed our hearts to see him so playful and full of life.  He eats up the attention we give him.

Oh and by the way the office was ransacked by him today also.

- Sharon Haugen

Nevada Greyhounds Unlimited

Posted on May 6, 2015 .