One year ago today, we rescued Baker.

A year ago today, FastFriends volunteers in Bakersfield rescued sweet Baker from the Kern County Animal Shelter. His dirty coat, broken jaw, and crooked leg all pointed to years of neglect and pain. The eleven-year-old retired racer had survived many unhappy days, but on March 2nd 2015, that all changed. He was loved, bathed, and fed. He received top notch veterinary care thanks to our many volunteers and donors. Baker united hound lovers ALL over the world; within a couple days, we received an astounding $3,630 in donations to cover his many procedures. Thank you to our wonderful supporters for giving Baker the life he deserves, and most importantly, thank you to the AMAZING Haugen family who adopted Baker the Retired Racer and continues to shower him with love and kisses every day. Share to help Baker and the Haugen family celebrate this special day!

Posted on March 2, 2016 .