The FastFriends Scrips Program Fundraiser

We are so excited to be able to present our new fundraising opportunity! FastFriends has teamed up with UnitedScrip to offer our volunteers and members the chance to purchase gift cards for hundreds of retailers and restaurants; for each card purchased, FastFriends will receive a donation of a percentage of the value of the card! And, our members pay for and receive the face value of the card! This is the retailers way of donating money to charities without actively seeking out the individual charities.

These are the same cards you see at the checkout stands at your local grocery stores; organizations purchase the cards in bulk, at a discount, and resell them to make money.

Every dollar we raise helps the greyhounds. This year, we are facing higher than ever veterinary bills due to the large amount of broken leg dogs we have taken in and rehabilitated. The cost for this is extraordinary, and in order for us to continue to do so, we need to raise more funds. This is where Scrips comes in. We do the administrative work to order and distribute these cards, and in return, we receive a percentage of the cards values.

How to order Scrips cards to benefit FastFriends:

1. Set up your own account online at UnitedScrip, and order cards yourself using your own payment methods. The cards will then be sent directly to you, instead of to us. The only difference is that if you pay for your cards yourself online using a credit card, the processing fees will come out of our donation amount. If you set up your own account, you will need to input our group number in order for us to receive the donations. Our group number is: 562694FFG

2. One other option: email your request to and mail a check to Fast Friends Greyhound Adoption c/o Carol Williams 16151 Landmark Drive, Whittier, CA 90604

The Basics:

You can either order the cards by emailing Carol Williams at, and sending in the money to FastFriends, c/o Carol Williams 16151 Landmark Drive, Whittier, CA 90604 or by bringing it to an event. We will also offer the ability to order the cards online, but in order to maximize our donation value, we will still request that the payment for the cards still come through to FastFriends so that we can avoid paying credit card fees.

We are able to offer gift cards for a large number of retailers, from gas stations, home improvement stores, grocery stores, restaurants, pharmacies, and more! Please look at the attached list for the complete listing of available cards. Click here to see the list of retailers!

These cards can be used for every day expenses and directly benefit the group; they can also be used for larger purchases, such as appliances, remodels, and monthly grocery bills. Every time a volunteer purchases one of these cards through FastFriends, our group benefits.

If you give gift cards for Christmas, please consider purchasing them through FastFriends. This opportunity is not limited to our own volunteers; anyone can order these cards using this link and contact information, even if they aren't one of our volunteers or even own a dog. Please encourage your friends and family to consider ordering gift cards through us!



How much does FastFriends receive from each card? The amounts vary. On the order form, you will see a card such as: Home Depot $25/4%. f you purchase this card through FastFriends, you will pay to FastFriends $25, and we will send you a $25 Home Depot card; in return, we will earn 4% of the $25, or $1.

How do I order the Scrip cards? Either giving it to Carol Williams, or sending it to the address above.

How can I pay for the cards? FastFriends can maximize it's donation amount by accepting cash and checks instead of credit cards; therefore, we appreciate receiving those forms of payments.

How long does it take for me to receive the cards I've ordered? FastFriends will order all of the cards online through United Scrip to be be filled, along with the payments. United Scrip will send us the cards by ground delivery, and we will either send them on to you, or can give them to you at the next event. We anticipate the process will take about one week. In order to keep our expenses low, we will not be able to purchase an inventory of cards in advance to sell immediately.

When will this Scrips Fundraising program start? It is ready now! Send in your orders today!