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*Please note:  This form is for submitting an adoption application by email only. 

Greyhound Adoption/Foster Online Application

Greyhounds are affectionate, friendly and intelligent dogs who thrive on attention and human companionship. Raised with their littermates, where they competed for affection, greyhounds love becoming the center of attention as household pets. Greyhounds do not usually make good watchdogs. Their friendly nature is not really very threatening. Adoptions of FastFriends greyhounds are made with the understanding that the dog will be a house pet. Greyhounds, like people, have many personalities. The following questions help us match greyhounds with people and pets. You are welcome to expand on any area or provide additional information on separate pages. This application, if approved, will become part of the greyhound adoption agreement.

The adoption fee for a FastFriends Greyhound is $300, which includes a $60 tax-deductible adoption donation to help us cover our costs and continue adoptions, and a $240 fee toward the dog's neutering or spaying, dental, worming, heartworm test, blood testing, and vaccinations.

You are welcome to expand on any area. (if you fill a text entry box, you may just scroll down to continue entering text).

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A placement representative will want to discuss your application over the phone.
(Please note that if you have children under the age of eight, you will be encouraged to read the book Childproofing your Dog by Brian Kilcommons & Sarah Wilson.)
Have you ever seen or met a greyhound? *
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Are you willing and able to spend the funds necessary to care for a greyhound? *
Beyond basic care, any dog may require medical treatment for injury or illness. This could result in expensive medical bills. Are you willing and able to pay for this care for the life of your dog?
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If you rent or lease, do you have permission from your landlord to adopt a large breed dog? *You will be asked to provide your landlord's phone number and written permission to have a large breed dog.
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Do you share a common yard?
FastFriends Greyhound Adoption is an adoption and support organization. Information regarding the current address of your dog will assist us in providing support should your dog become lost. After you adopt, you may periodically be contacted by a representative to update our database with respect to the status of your dog. *
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After submission of your application, you will be contacted by a Placement Representative to further discuss your application. The representative will explain what is required to properly care for a greyhound and if this is a good fit for your family. After this conversation, the representative may schedule a home visit. Your application for adoption is not approved until all these requirements have been successfully met. *
Please be aware that until we receive the signed contract and payment, your foster dog remains the property of FastFriends Greyhound Adoption. If you decide to adopt your foster dog, you must submit the paperwork to obtain actual ownership. We will continue to seek payment for your dog so your prompt attention to this detail will be greatly appreciated. *
This directly affects those hoping to foster and foster to adopt, but all applicants must read and mark that they understand this statement.