Honor a loved one and help FastFriends all at once. Name a puppy!

Looking for a thoughtful, loving and unique way to honor a loved one? You could name a star after them, but that’s rather intangible. You could plant a tree in honor of them, but there’s no telling where it will be planted. You could start a foundation in their name, but that might be a bit pricey.

FastFriends Greyhound Adoption has created a distinctive program that will allow you to name a Greyhound puppy. That name will follow the dog throughout its career and will be memorialized in the records of the National Greyhound Association (NGA).

After contacting David Blair, he has allowed us to name any of his Bella or Mega puppies. By naming a puppy, you create a living tribute to the person of your choosing. If, for instance, your favorite grandmother was Pearl, you could name a female pup Bella Pearl. NGA will have Bella Pearl in its racing records forever and the memory of your favorite grandmother will be memorialized in history.

As you know, FastFriends relies on donations to achieve its goals. Due to the extraordinary nature of this opportunity, we are asking for a minimum donation of $ 250.00 for each puppy named.

Consider this for a birthday present, memorial, anniversary gift, graduation present, wedding present or as a way to honor a veteran or loved one. Go in together and share a puppy.

Please help support FastFriends and our mission by participating in this one of a kind opportunity to create a thoughtful and unique tribute to a loved one.

Information on naming a Greyhound puppy

1. Once you have decided on a name, please send the below form along with your donation (minimum $250.00) to FastFriends. We will verify that the name has not already been taken. All David Blair dogs begin their names with either Bella or Mega. You can also check for names online at www.greyhound-data.com . For the tribute, please specify (In Honor Of), (As A Gift To), (On The Occasion Of), (In Memory Of), etc.

2. FastFriends will forward the name chosen and male/female preference to David Blair.

3. Pups are tattooed and registered at 3 months of age, and once FastFriends receives the tattoo info, certificates will be sent out.

4. As soon as the puppy has been tattooed, their information will be in the greyhound-data.com database permanently.

Name a Puppy Here

If you would rather participate by mail, please click here to download the Name the Puppy document. You can print it out and mail in your donation and information.