Show and Tells

Are you interested in helping out with our mission? Are you interested in volunteering, but not quite sure where to start? Do you not own a greyhound & wonder if you can still volunteer?

WE NEED YOUR HELP - and regardless if you have a grey as a pet or not - we would still love your assistance.

Show & Tells are an integral part of the volunteering options available through our organization. We need people with a few extra hours to donate to these lovely ex-racing greyhounds to lead our "Show & Tells."

EXPOSURE is essential for the greys - this is the best way to find new homes for the hounds. One of the best places to showcase the dogs is at the local PetCo or PetsMart stores. These stores have graciously offered their sales floors to our organization, so we can bring the dogs in once a month for 3 hours on a Saturday or Sunday. This is where you can help out; we need individuals to volunteer to lead the Show & Tells.

We already have several leads in place at various stores in LA & Orange County, but we are looking to expand to some more locations. The PetCo's & PetsMarts want us in their stores - but we don't have enough volunteers to lead the Show & Tells at the additional locations.

FastFriends will provide you with a banner and a pen to display the dogs in - if you are a greyhound owner, great - bring your hound(s) with you. We will help get the word out to other grey owners in the area, the week of your Show & Tell, so they can come by with their dogs and display them in the pens as well. Some may come for 30 minutes, others may stay for the full full time. Also, the greyhounds like being back together with other greys.

The commitment is a few hours - once a month. It's a great way to network with other greyhound owners. Many of our adoption leads are generated from the Show & Tells - the Show & Tells we are able to fill - the more exposure to the qualities of the greys & the more forever homes we are able to uncover.

Please contact Tom Marinello if you are interested in leading or helping at a Show & Tell.

Check out our upcoming show and tells on the calendar below.