Volunteer Spotlight

Every month or so we highlight some of the amazing individuals that volunteer for FastFriends. We are so incredibly thankful to have them on our team.

Peggy Soltis

We want to shine the spotlight one of our amazing volunteers who is always finding new ways to contribute. Peggie Soltis has been rescuing animals since she was a young child. She was always interested in retired racers, and in 2004 she adopted her first hound and started volunteering for FastFriends. She tried fostering once but was unable to continue due to her busy schedule. This did not stop her from being involved; Peggie had no issue finding creative ways to help the organization raise funds. Peggie buys items off of eBay to donate to our silent auctions, she started a recycling program, and she has volunteered at countless show and tells. She also sells her homegrown eggs and donates 100% of the money to FastFriends. On top of all that, Peggie drives hundreds of miles to transport dogs from La Habra to our Bakersfield foster homes on a regular basis. She is an amazing individual and we are so very happy to have her help!

Tammy Brookhart

Today we want to highlight one of the most amazing human beings on our team. Tammy Brookhart has been working with us since 1998. She and her husband first saw greyhounds at the Del Mar Fair, and her husband instantly fell in love. After nagging her to adopt a greyhound for over a year and a half, she finally caved in. When Tom McRorie came to their house for a home visit, he talked about the foster care program. Tammy immediately felt inspired and motivated to become a foster mom. "If you adopt you save one dog, but if you foster you can save hundreds," she says. And Tammy has truly lived by that sentiment. She has fostered 174 dogs, and she shows no signs of slowing down. When asked why she loves fostering, Tammy said, "Fostering is the ultimate hands on experience. You get to teach them how to live in a home and watch them come out of their shell. It's magical." In addition to fostering, Tammy makes the food for retirement days, picnics, and dog washes, and she has served on the board. She also volunteers at retirement days, ensuring the event runs smoothly. She describes herself as "the bossy one." We are so thankful to have Tammy, bossiness included. She is absolutely incredible! 

Gail Brenner

Gail Brenner serves as our treasurer and volunteers as a foster mom. After submitting her adoption application, Gail recalled what Tom McRorie told her. "He said that I would adopt a dog, get a foster, adopt a second dog, get another foster, and it would continue from there. I wasn't sure what to think of that at the time, but that's pretty much how it has worked out." After getting involved in fostering, Gail became our Treasurer. In addition to the amazing job she has done serving on the board and handling the many tasks of her post, she works diligently to find new sources of funding. She says, "It can be discouraging at times because we are getting more broken leg dogs that cost the organization $4,500 to $5,000, and we do not get the donations to cover their medical expenses. But I am always finding new fundraising tools." Ultimately, her favorite aspect of volunteering is working with the dogs and being around the other wonderful volunteers at FastFriends. She encourages people to get involved and meet the dogs and the team. "Jump in an see what it's all about. I challenge anyone to not get further involved once they see it," she said. Thank you Gail for all that you do. We are so happy to have you on our team! Click through the pictures to learn more about Gail, and be sure to make her day by checking out the ways you can donate to FastFriends. http://www.fastfriends.org/donate/