Lost Dog Procedures


1. Call the FastFriends hotline immediately: (800) 298-5743 or (562) 694-3519

These are the same numbers listed on all FastFriends tags. 

2. Joyce McRorie will contact the local board member in your area to head the search efforts.

Board Member will contact you to gain facts about of the situation:

  • Description of the dog
  • Where
  • When
  • Last seen
  • Any specific characteristics of the dog

3. Download and print out the generic lost dog flyer.

  • Mini-flyers are also available on the website to pass out to people on the street.
  • Remember to fill in the appropriate fields: contact number, description, last seen
  • Print out on brightly colored paper to attract attention
  • Be sure to add your cell number and/or the main FastFriends number above as contact numbers, so that when someone calls with a sighting, there is a live person rather than an answering machine to answer the phone.
  • If the dog is shy, adding the statement “Do Not Chase” to the flyer is recommended.

4. Post these flyers around your neighborhood immediately.

  • 100 flyers posted within a one (1) mile radius of where the dog was lost is a good start, but it is not unusual to post as many as 500 flyers.
  • Post flyers securely with clear packaging tape or a staple gun.
  • Consider placing flyers in clear plastic sheet protectors in case of nasty weather

5. Stay in touch with your local board member; he or she will assist you with the following:

  • Contacting local volunteers for flyer distribution
  • Working with FastFriends to design a search plan
  • Coordinating volunteer(s) to contact local vets and shelters daily
  • Keeping active timelines on all activity
  • Providing guidance on the set-up of feeding station(s) once sightings have occurred
  • Providing guidance as to when the use of a trap will be necessary
  • Will remain in constant contact with you
  • POST POST POST! Additional volunteers should search in parties of 2-3 people during the day
  • You and your family should conduct searches at dusk and dawn in the areas where the dog was last seen. This is the time when the dog is most likely to be active and searching for food.


Items in your kit should include:

  • Pre-printed flyers for all of your animals on brightly colored paper
  • Packaging tape or staple gun
  • Updated profiles on all of your pets
  • Squawker (if your dog is trained to come to it)
  • Additional leash and collar
  • Flashlight
  • Contact numbers of your local board member, placement rep and FastFriends
  • A map of your surrounding area to post flyer distribution and sighting information
  • And most importantly, DOWNLOAD the complete version of this list and keep it in a conspicuous area: your refrigerator, your front door, wherever you'll remember to look when with you're faced with an emergency!

(800) 298-5743 or (562) 694-3519