2019 Membership Drive

A message from Joyce McRorie, President of FastFriends

We have three wonderful stories about the hounds your membership has helped.

FastFriends volunteers work tirelessly on behalf of the racing greyhounds that come into our care looking to find their forever homes.  In 2019 we reached our anticipated goal of 4,000 greyhounds adopted. 

Last year’s brochure featured Luck and showed the lengths we go to in taking care of our greyhounds. She was such a case. Here’s an update. She might have lost 60% of her gut but through quick action and amazing surgery she’s around to be in this year’s brochure. She goes to rehab, she is eating special food, medication and supplements. She keeps to her special diet and visits her vet on a regular basis. Her racing name was, WW Run O’Luck and she sure has lived up to her name.


WW Liebe Maria (Dear Maria in German) was named by Gunther Hansele and Marcia Hall in memory of Gunther’s mother through FastFriends “Name A Puppy” program fundraiser. After her retirement from racing, Alabama Greyhound Adoption Center made Maria available to FastFriends. The Alabama folks even brought her to California! In addition to naming a racing greyhound, participants in the “Name A Puppy” fundraiser get first dibs on the dog when it is retired. She has been adopted by Gunther and Marcia and became the 4000th retired racer adopted out by FastFriends.

WW Liebe Maria brochure.jpg

Erin’s Story begins when she started racing at Agua Caliente Greyhound Park. After a stellar career, she was brought back to the farm to be bred. Marcos, her owner/trainer wrote this about her. “She is one of a kind. One of my females didn’t want to feed her babies, Erin was feeding her pups at the same time, accepted the other puppies and saved them from dying. She is a wonderful mom.” After retirement Erin’s new career is as a certified therapy dog. She visits the VA hospital in Long Beach, CA where the veterans cherish her visits. Most of the time, however, she can be found playing with the other greyhounds at her forever home. Erin is not just a “wonderful mom”, she is a “wonderful dog”. Just ask anyone who has had the pleasure of meeting her.

Erin Brochure.jpg

2019 Membership Donation Levels

$25 - $50 Hound Friend

2019 FF Membership decal (1)

$100 - Hound Hero

2019 FF Membership decals (2)

$250 - Hound Heart

2019 FF Membership decals (2)

+ 1 free admission ticket to the FastFriends Picnic

+  5 raffle tickets for the FastFriends Picnic

$500 - Winner's Circle

2019 FF Membership decals (2)

+ Large FF window sticker (1)

+ 2 free admission tickets to the FastFriends Picnic

+ 10 raffle tickets for the FastFriends Picnic

$1,000 - Top Dog

2019 FF Membership decals (2)

+ Large FF window sticker (1)

+ 2 free admission tickets to the FastFriends Picnic

+ 2 free dog wash at a FF Quarterly Dog Wash

+ 1 free dog wash at a FF Quarterly Dog Wash

+ 20 raffle tickets for the FastFriends Picnic

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Special Limited personal/corporate naming opportunities

$1500 - Resting crate in barn (3 available)

$2,500 - "Headin Home Cubbyhole" on the Hound Hauler (1 available)

$5,000 - Hound Spirit One of each type of acknowledgement gifts noted above


FastFriends Greyhound Adoption

is a non-profit, 501(c)3 charitable organization (Federal ID #33-067770). Donations, less the value of merchandise received, are tax-deductible.

We are a 100% volunteer group; there are no paid or salaried positions within our organization. All donations are used to defray the costs associated with preparing greyhounds for their new homes. We are asking through our Membership Drive, for you to help supply the needed funds to make it all happen. We have never had to make important decisions based upon our bank balance. We hope, knowing the critical impact of your generous membership contribution, will inspire you to support our ongoing efforts.

Membership is not required to participate in FastFriends activities. We look forward to seeing you at our events!