The Agreement

The Adoption Agreement:

It is vital to keep your greyhound on leash whenever it is outdoors, unless it is in a fenced-in areas. NEVER "trust" it not to run away.

You must keep a collar bearing identification on your greyhound at all times.

If your greyhound should become lost, you are required to notify FastFriends. This is so we can assist in the recovery of your greyhound.

If you should ever decide you cannot keep or do not want your greyhound, you must notify FastFriends before taking any action. You may not give your greyhound to anyone else without FastFriends' consent and you must agree never to take it to a "pound" or other humane shelter for any reason.

You must agree to keep your greyhound as a pet and never attempt to use it for breeding, pari-mutuel racing or laboratory research.

FastFriends will have performed the following medical procedures, as a minimum, for your greyhound: DHLPP, Rabies, Bortadella and Corona vaccinations; spay or neuter, Heart Worm test, CBC, Super Chemistry, Thyroid level test, Tick panel, teeth cleaning, polishing and any needed extractions; and worming. Your responsibilities will include maintaining regular vaccinations and veterinary care whenever they are required.

Your greyhound's racing career is over and can never be reactivated.

FastFriends is a nonprofit, entirely volunteer-run organization funded primarily by donations. There are many expenses associated with the placement of each greyhound. A minimum donation of $60.00 is requested at the time of adoption, as well as an additional fee of $240 which helps to cover the costs of the medical procedures described above. Your greyhound will be provided with a greyhound safety collar and matching leash at no charge. The adoption donation and additional fee for medical procedures are non-refundable.

Greyhounds are affectionate and intelligent dogs who thrive on human companionship. Greyhounds usually are friendly with everyone and so do not make good watchdogs. Because they are sensitive dogs, they are more likely to be an adult's pet than a child's pet. Greyhounds are low-energy dogs when inside but love to be the center of attention in the home and love to run outside. FastFriends adopts out greyhounds with the understanding that the dogs will be house pets.